Chris Coney Co-owner/Lead Guide


Biking to me is the essence of true freedom.  I bike in order to experience new levels of possibilities and to push myself mentally and physically.  Being an English teacher for thirteen years has helped me to encourage others to excel and break through barriers in life.  You never know what you are capable of doing unless you try, and biking helps me to delve into new realms of possibilities within myself that I never knew existed.  I am able to push through preconceived notions within myself and grow as a result of the experience.  


I have been mountain biking for twenty eight years and started racing again at the age of 41.  I am having more fun biking now than I ever did in my twenties and I know it is partly due to the incredible riding in and around Asheville, North Carolina and surrounding Pisgah National Forest.  The biking scene is incredible here and the people are very friendly and supportive.  Southern hospitality is alive and well in Pisgah.  


As I have gotten older, I have realized that I love sharing experiences with people and hence helped start Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures in order to pursue my passion of leading mountain bike trips in beautiful Western North Carolina.  Come experience the wonders of cycling with us and explore your own possibilities on a guided trip where you are guaranteed to have fun and learn a thing or two about your own life as well.  


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Patrick McMahon Co-owner/Lead Guide

2007 I had a mountain bike basically sitting in storage that I only rode around my house less than a half dozen times.  In April of 2008, a 62 year old friend took me and my dusty mountain bike for a ride in Bent Creek outside Asheville, NC.  The next thing I knew I could not get off of the bike.  I felt like I had entered a whole new world.  I truly felt I had found Nirvana. Within 6 months I competed in my first mountain bike race. Even though the next day every muscle in my body could hardly move, I knew right then that I could never get enough.  Now with over 55 races mostly in Pisgah, with one in Costa Rica, British Colombia, and Guatemala, I do not see myself slowing down.  

Mountain biking to me, like my friend Chris said, is all about freedom. Thanks to this passion, although my family members say I am obsessed, I have been able to develop friendships with "my people" that I never had in the past.  Just living so close to all this great single-track, I feel much more grounded.  Since I ride all year round, I feel very blessed to watch the forest change throughout the seasons.  Hot, cold, rain, snow, sun or clouds.  It is all part of an experience that I know has changed me for the better.  Come share similar experiences such as these and create new ones with us at Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures.  

Yuri Theodore Eliashevsky Lead Guide


Native of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, this thirty-eight-year-old moved to the area initially for two primary reasons.  The first, he accepted a wilderness therapy and family work position at Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc., which happens to be surrounded by the waterfalls and beautiful trails of DuPont State Recreational Forest.  This makes him the relative authority on the trails out there as he spent five years riding after work.  We are jealous.  He has also organized two bike-centric festivals and fundraisers within the park.  The second reason that led to him moving to the area is that the rock climbing in Western North Carolina is phenomenal.  It was through rock-climbing that he met his beautiful wife, Michele, back in 2000.  The two happened to be married next to a waterfall within D.S.R.F. in 2005.  Yuri has grown up with one bike or another being central to his life.  He was fortunate to have taken the first mountain biking physical education class offered by Penn State University in 1994.  Currently he rides one of several custom 29” bikes, beautifully crafted by a classmate, Kris Henry of 44 Bikes out of Lyndeborough, New Hampshire.  MADE IN THE USA.  Preferring single-speeds due to their simplicity, Yuri has accomplished several big feats on one gear including the Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell, SWANK, Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race, and Double-Dare.  He has ridden geared bikes also during all of these events on top of riding from Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah.  He has completed the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race, the Pisgah 111, the Pisgah 55.5, the Shenandoah Mountain 100, and the Wilderness 101.  Yuri also is one of a handful to have completed the Pisgah 400.  He currently seems to be switching gears, taking breaks from competitive bike racing and instead pushing his body and mental limits through long-distance trail-running, having very recently completed the Pisgah Running Adventure Race (PRAR, 31.5miles) and the Pisgah 55.5km (37miles), both taking place in May, 2015.  He has completed the scenic Art Loeb Trail twice, too many half-marathons to recollect, and several marathon distance trail runs in the Great Smokies National Park as well as within the Pisgah National Forest.  Typically he practices skipping stones and Tenkara-fishing with his three-year-old son “Ollie” on Wednesdays and shooting bows and arrows in the afternoons after their naptime.

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